Fitz in the Morning Episode #395 Monday 11-16-20

Can you summarize your entire weekend in three words? Drew tells us what we need to know regarding the new Covid-19 restrictions. In the What Are You Kidding Me stories, 40% of Americans are still going to Thanksgiving with 10 or more people in spite of rising Covid numbers, someone tries to remove the Times Square Naked Cowboy’s tighty-whities, a city council meeting in Whatcom County is interrupted by one of the council members’ cows when he Zooms from his barn, a 200-person underground fight club is broken up in New York City, the newly-circulating Secret Sister gift scam is classified as a pyramid scheme, and Florida Man is arrested while taking his 8-year-old son on a robbery spree. Fitz’ Favorite Things include Fitz loving Foga De Ciao delivery, Drew loving Coastal in Monroe, Claire loving the Mini Space Needle at Rainier U-Haul, and Ryder loving the Frank the Tank Burger at Casey’s in Belfair. In the Fitz Files, Ellen wins the People’s Choice Award for Best Talk Show despite complaints about her toxic work place, the “Fresh Prince” reunion is on HBO Max this Thursday and Carrie Underwood wants to see you sing on your Ring Doorbell video. Disaster Dates includes Vanessa from Arlington who accidentally superglued her lips shut while fixing glue-on nails and Allison who reconnected with an old high school boyfriend who is setting up his own militia. Claire and her wife made the tough decision to not visit family in Oregon for Thanksgiving and instead have their own tiny dinner. The Words of The Year for 2020 include “Lockdown”, “Furlough” and, uhhh… “Muckbang”? Today’s Troop Salute is Stan Lee, yes that Stan Lee, of the US Army. Fitz’ is all-in on the “Unsolved Mysteries” Alien Abduction episode. On Food News, Ryder tells us about a Twinkie for 8 people, Cinnabon Frosting available by the pint, and the new Cheetos Cookbook to go with your Mountain Dew cookbook. Monday Motivation has motivating quotes to get your week started off right.