Fitz in the Morning Episode #396 Tuesday 11-17-20

It’s a Windy One today and Drew says the wind is more nerve-wracking when you live in the middle of the woods. Fitz and Claire are both cooking with Netflix: Fitz loves people who can’t cook on “Nailed It” and Claire loves Fat on “Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat”. Drew wants us all to be in his Pandemic Pod. We get an update on Ryder’s Teeth; is he using his pain to get more attention from his girlfriend? In the What Are You Kidding Me stories, women named Karen say their name is ruining their chances on dating sites, police in Italy use a Lamborghini to deliver a heart to a transplant patient, a home invasion ends when a 16-year-old takes out the robber with a Louisville Slugger, an Alaska Airlines plane hits a bear on a runway while landing, a Florida couple is arrested after pulling over on the highway for a quickie, and the original figures of Santa and Rudolph from the 1964 “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” are auctioned for $300K. In the Fitz Files, Taylor Swift’s music masters have been sold again for $300 million to a company called Shamrock Holdings and the British Media wants Prince Harry to quit his association with Netflix because “The Crown” offends the Royal Family. On Make Up or Break Up, Claire from Tacoma is fed up with her boyfriend AJ’s suspicions after she got a butt dial call from her Ex, but AJ says he knows for certain guys sniff around with “oops” calls and wants to know who else is in her phone. Text The Truth has us reading your anonymous confessions, and some of y’all are kinda twisted. Mind Blown has Fitz with amazing details about airport drinking, how time zones affect birthdays, “Toy Story 2”, and just how much bacteria is on the cash in your pocket. And How Would 7-Year-Olds Cook A Turkey? ‘Cuz Fitz’s kids have some great ideas for where turkeys come from and how you should prepare them; or not.