Fitz in the Morning Episode #398 Thursday 11-19-20

It’s a rare Blue Thursday and we all hope the Seahawks can right the ship tonight. It’s the Great American Smoke Out – can Ryder go all day without a Smoky Treat? In the What Are You Kidding Me stories, a guy leads police on a high-speed chase that includes ditching his car and diving under Lake Shasta in a mini submarine, a new study shows men who have a beard in dating profile pics are 3x more likely to get a match, a new dating term called “Hat Fishing” has men trying to hide their baldness under hats on dating apps, a new phone hotline helps people get through bad psychedelic trips, a Connecticut man is arrested for getting freaky with his neighbor’s tree, and America is having another TP crisis so Ryder and Fitz think we all just need to install bidets. Getting to Know You includes our favorite TV Holiday Specials and the foods we absolutely hated as kids. On the Fitz Files “The Bachelorette” tests the guys on math, spelling, breakfast in bed and carrying around simulated babies, and the “Charlie Brown” Thanksgiving and Christmas Specials will show on PBS after Apple TV angered fans by holding back the Halloween Special. On Make Up or Break Up, Faith from Marysville says after three years together her boyfriend Jake’s family still treats her like a stranger at the holidays, keeping her out of gift exchanges and potluck plans. Whatcha Drinkin’ About? Fitz wants to know what’s stressing us out to the point of drinking. We play Never Have I Ever and learn Ryder has never been to Pike Place Market, Claire has never been fired and Fitz has never cooked a meal from scratch in his whole life. Throwin’ Shade has Shade going after social media apps all having the same features, so why bother having all of them?