Fitz in the Morning Episode #399 Friday 11-20-20

We’re all happy our Seahawks won last night at the suddenly renamed Lumen Field. Fitz wants to know why we didn’t get more notice on that name change but we all sing some songs about “Lumen”. Friday always means Bull Yah! In the What Are You Kidding Me stories, a Burger King worker steals $30K by creating fake employees and we learn how Claire is connected, a website is offering $2500 to watch 25 holiday movies in 25 days, a new study indicates the smaller a man’s junk is the more money he makes, there is special new Christmas music just for dogs (so have your dog here when you listen), a 17-year-old takes his Dad’s $3.4 million car for a joy ride and wrecks it, and a woman ticketed for using her cell phone while driving claims she was really eating an ice cream sandwich and has the wrapper and chocolate stains to prove it. On Stream It or Skip It, Drew recommends “The Star Wars Lego Holiday Special”’ on Disney+, “The Princess Switch: Switched Again” on Netflix, and “Animaniacs” and “A Teacher” on Hulu. On the Fitz Files, Florida Georgia Line is not breaking up but they have been to therapy, the “Fresh Prince” reunion included a reconciliation between Will and original Aunt Viv Janet Huber, and Matthew McConaughey is toying with a run for Texas Governor. We need your Insta-Therapy help for a mom who says her son stole a laptop off the neighbor’s porch and she doesn’t know how to return it or punish him without ruining his life. Fitz feels we need a morale boost, so we call General Gridlock. Believe It or Not includes Brittney from Woodinville who fell off a 3-story building and landed without a scratch. The Weekend Party Preview has stuff to do with the family this weekend and a weekend forecast from Nick Allard.