Fitz in the Morning Episode #401 Tuesday 11-24-20

Drew got into an argument with his girlfriend about the proper way to make toast which got us all into a discussion about our favorite toast. Meanwhile, more than half of people surveyed say they’re writing off healthy eating and plan to pig-out from now through New Year’s Day. The Fitz in the Morning Players reenact The First Thanksgiving! In the What Are You Kidding Me stories, the popular 12-foot-tall Halloween skeleton from Home Depot is now a popular Christmas decoration, a babysitter is being sued for getting Chicken McNuggets for the kids of a vegan family, the Oxford Dictionary Word of the Year is “Covid-19”, a squirrel staggers around drunk after eating a fermented pear, Dr. Fauci’s announcement that Santa is immune to Coronavirus has internet freaks wanting to drain Santa’s plasma and a guy who went to the doctor to get treatment for depression over his cheating wife finds out she was cheating with the doctor. In the Fitz Files, Marshawn Lynch gives away 200 thanksgiving turkeys, Ken Jennings will be the first interim host for “Jeopardy”, and former “Bachelorette” Kaitlyn Bristow wins “Dancing with the Stars” making it two years in a row a former Bachelorette wins it. On the $1000 Minute, Christy from Kenmore Wins! On Make Up or Break Up, Holly from Everett just found out her boyfriend Craig lost his job two months ago and hasn’t told her. Text The Truth has you sharing your most twisted secrets with us, like the mom who realized her kid is the dumbest one in class after watching Zoom school. Fitz helps us get prepared the most Uncomfortable Conversations likely to come up at the Thanksgiving table like “when are you getting married?” and “what do you do again?” Mind Blown has hard-to-believe factoids that will, well, Blow Your Mind!