Fitz in the Morning Episode #402 Wednesday 11-25-20

Drew is concerned that he pulled his Brick of Turkey out of the freezer too late for Thanksgiving. Fortunately the What Are You Kidding Me stories start with advice on how NOT to prepare your Turkey! Also on WAYKM: a new TikTok trend is kids fooling their parents into thinking the TV is broken, two Yoga teachers beat the crap out of each other over a heater, a Canadian council meeting stalls when someone’s mic is left on in the bathroom, a Oregon man is caught stealing 108 rolls of TP in Walla Walla, and a guy who stole a Coors Light truck from outside a store tries to jump out of it the moving truck and runs himself over. (You won’t believe how many P1s call in to say they’ve run themselves over.) Fitz’ has a Special Spot where he watches a massive eagle’s nest but he won’t tell anyone where it is. The Curse of Snohomish County continues for Drew who says when he asked the previous owner for information on the house she only replied “too many bad memories, I don’t want to talk about it.” Meanwhile Ryder thinks we’ve cursed him, because ever since we pointed out his 666 Facebook followers, he keep seeing satanic signs everywhere. In the Fitz Files, on “The Bachelorette” one guy tries to sneak to Tayshia’s room but ends up at host Chris Harrison’s instead and Grammy nominations are out with controversy as the Weekend didn’t get any and Justin Bieber was nominated for Pop but thinks he’s R+B. All Jacked Up includes Diana from Poulsbo who argues with Alexa and Kim in Spanaway who hides in her rabbit house when life gets too stressful. Fitz needs your advice on whether to hold his kids back a year because of all the schooling and experiences they’ve missed. And in case you missed it, we revisit our rendition of The Very First Thanksgiving.