Fitz in the Morning Episode #403 Monday 11-30-20

We share how the Weekend Was Going Fine Until…Claire came home to find her front door wide open and both her dogs gone…Drew’s girlfriend lost her credit card somewhere in a Christmas tree farm…Fitz’s mother-in-law got car sick…and Ryder had to get a Covid Test. In the What Are You Kidding Me stories, a thief steals a wheel from someone’s car and leaves a frozen turkey in its place, some doctors are reporting Covid-19 may cause tooth loss, Florida Man thaws his Thanksgiving turkey in his swimming pool, a flight attendant is in trouble for running a side-hustle with her “Only Fans” offerings in-flight, a really high couple calls police to report possums jumping out of their fridge and microwave, and Snoop Dogg does an amazing job commentating on the Tyson-Jones and Paul-Robinson Fights. After a Very Zoom Thanksgiving, it looks like we’re in for a Very Zoom Christmas and New Year’s Eve. In the Fitz Files “The Mandalorian” gives Baby Yoda a name and people don’t like it, Bachelorette Clare wants people to stop saying mean things to her, Morgan Wallen will be on SNL this weekend, and Vancouver, B.C. wants to name a street after Ryan Reynolds but he doesn’t what it because bad traffic will literally make him sound bad. Fitz has information about newest emojis coming out like Ninja, Toilet Plunger, and Actual Human Heart. In The Good Stuff, the Denver Broncos were facing a game with no quarterback because everyone was out with a Covid scare so an undrafted receiver who played some in college stepped up to QB for the team; also the first-ever female football player at a Power 5 School played over the weekend. Despite reports of people splitting up, many couples report getting closer to their significant other this year. Today’s Troop Salute is Jerad Sheen of the US Navy. In County Wars King County Wins the Month of November! In Food News, Ryder tells us about Pillsbury Peppermint Frosting, Kit Kat’s Birthday Cake Flavor, Pickles on Pizza as the new rage and how to make Reindeer Bait.