Fitz in the Morning Episode #404 Tuesday 12-01-20

December means we’re that much closer to 2021! But it also means “Wham-aggedon” so watch out for “Last Christmas” to hit your ears! Listen all day Today and Wednesday as we give away an Amazon Fire every hour on the Tens! In the What Are Kidding Me stories, the mysterious metallic monolith found in Utah has vanished, scented candle makers are reporting a drop in their average review rankings due to Covid loss of smell, a woman filming a TikTok video is interrupted by an intruder, a man is arrested for repeatedly calling 911 to belch into the phone, a stolen ukulele is recovered when the thief is spotted playing it in a park and a tequila bar is dodging pandemic restrictions by registering as a church. Fitz is miffed his mother-in-law told his kids the movie “A Christmas Story” is a terrible movie before they even had a chance to watch it. A painting from 1860 has surfaced showing what appears to be a woman holding a modern iPhone – is she a time traveler? In the Fitz Files, Kelly Clarkson’s divorce is getting even uglier over custody and spousal support, Justin Bieber says he wants as many kids as his wife will “pop out” and Pink’s 9-year-old daughter is an amazing singer. On Make Up or Break Up, Danielle from Auburn is upset her boyfriend Cameron doesn’t believe that his dad straight up grabbed her butt at Thanksgiving and said “I’d like to grab them giblets”. Text The Truth has us regain your deepest, darkest secrets anonymously. Ryder actually has a little cousin named MacGuyver and we can’t believe it.