Fitz in the Morning Episode #56 Monday 07/08/19

The gang is back from the long holiday weekend; Fitz hid in the mountains – what did you do? Today’s “What Are You Kidding Me” stories include a guy who blew off his ear with fireworks, a burglar who broke into a house and got stuck on an inversion table, and a couple who climbed a tree to escape what they thought was a wild animal but turned out to be cars driving over a highway rumble strip?! A British grocery store’s “American Food” aisle has gone viral, but we think it’s missing some great American things like Velveeta and Spam; P1’s chime in on what else is missing. We have the King County Winner song for winning County Wars in June and we reveal the location for shooting the winning music video at Bothell Landing Park. Today on “The Fitz Files”: Cameron Boyce’s family discusses his death, and did Snoop Dogg and Kurt Cobain really smoke weed together in 1992? “The Good Stuff” highlights two guys who found an injured bird and used Uber to take it to a wildlife sanctuary. Coco Gauff is tearing through Wimbledon at the age of 15. What did you achieve by 15? – Fitz, Ryder, Drew and Claire reveal our accomplishments, and then the P1’s reveal theirs. What are your local “Favorite Things”? – Fitz loves the Cottage Café in Cle Elum, Claire loves the Rhododendron Garden in Federal Way, Drew loves MacLendon’s Hardware, and Ryder loves Bennett’s Fish Shack in Ocean Shores. Today’s Troop Salute: Ashley Pearson of the Washington National Guard. We hear how the P1’s “Build a Date” went for Ryder The Youngin’. The gang discusses earthquakes – Fitz has never been in one!