Fitz in the Morning Episode #57 Tuesday 07/09/19

We’re excited about our upcoming King County “County Wars” winning video shoot at Bothell Landing Park, and Fitz has promised the gang he will get us a hair and makeup trailer. Today’s “What Are You Kidding Me” stories include a father who starts crying to get his 1-year-old daughter to stop, a family whose parrot barks along with their dogs and a family that just moved into their new home were attacked by a woman who broke in claiming to be the Devil. Brace yourself, because Tuesday is “Text the Truth” – you tell us your darkest truths and we’ll share them then everyone. (Anonymously, of course, so you can really let it fly.) Then brace yourself again, ‘cuz Fitz has more “Dad Jokes”. Today on the “Fitz Files”: “The Bachelorette” has the Hometowns Visits, but the real show is Bachelorette Hannah live Tweeting during the broadcast; also – why could Garth Brooks be the Willy Wonka of Country Music. Today’s “Good Stuff”– the founders of Life is Good are donating $1 to charity every time someone posts something nice on social media with #somethinggood. A Northwest couple has hit a snag in their relationship and needs your help: today on “Make Up or Break Up”, Jessie from Covington is upset because her husband Brad is secretly smoking at work even though they quit together when her dad died lung cancer. Can you tell everything about someone from just three songs on their playlist? Try your hand at “Playlist Profiling”. And we had a visit from “County Wars” winner Snohomie Sam and gave him the “VIP1 Exit Interview”.