Fitz in the Morning Episode #59 Thursday 07/11/19

Today’s date is 7-11, which means 7-11 stores are offering a free small Slurpee! But it turns out they are not all offering it at the same time – we compare notes on how to get one. In Today’s “What Are You Kidding Me” stories: a Georgia woman ordered a “Moana” cake for her daughter’s birthday, but with her thick southern accent, the baker misunderstood her and heard “Marijuana”! And yet another story about a nutjob breaking into a home, this time wearing a Christmas onesie. There’s a Facebook Event called “Storm Area 51” – Fitz, Ryder and Claire have joined the group which demands the truth about the aliens but Drew is a skeptic and thinks they are all nuts. Today on the “Fitz Files”: Wheel of Fortune is holding try-outs in Tacoma, Taylor Swift held a Prime Day concert and the “Shark Week” schedule is out. The “Good Stuff”: an autistic student got a silent standing ovation at his high school graduation because the entire school respected his sensitivity to loud noises. “Make Up or Break Up” features Makayla from Renton whose boyfriend Josh recently brought home two cats that belonged to a family member that died and Makayla is highly allergic to cats. She’s asked him to find a different home for the cats but he is dragging his feet and she is starting to question whether Josh cares more about the cats – Garth and Trisha – more than her. “Playlist Profiling” tries to throw us off the scent of a caller’s identity. And a 5-foot-tall man went nuts in a bagel shop after he thought he was being made fun of – we listen to the audio of the guy going off on the rest of the customers and a fight breaking out.