Fitz in the Morning Episode #62 Tuesday 07/16/19

Welcome to Tuesday! We are reunited as Claire returns from her vacation to visit her 95-year-old Aunt. Drew questions the accuracy of Fitz’s Big Beef Doppler and First Caller of the Day Kami from Issaquah checks in. Today’s “What Are You Kidding Me” stories: a woman had her car stolen while picking up her daughter so she tracked the thieves and caught them herself; a guy says a Door Dash driver ate some of his ribs; Drew tells a story about his buddy Darrin doing the “push together” when he was a pizza driver; and the newest stupid internet trend/challenge is stapling bread to a tree?? “Text the Truth” is back – you text us your darkest secrets and we’ll read them out loud; no names, just truths. Fitz tells a “Dad Joke” – and Ryder doesn’t get. The “Fitz Files”: Bagel Boy Boxing, Bond Babe, and it’s a Bachelorette Bible Beatdown. “The Good Stuff” is about a military mom who threw out the first pitch at a baseball game only to discover that the “catcher” is her son, returned from deployment with the US Marines. “Make Up or Break Up” is a doozy: Alexa from Auburn’s boyfriend Brian has a close female friend at work who is always talking to him about really personal stuff with waaayy TMI. Alexa thinks she’s after Brian and Brian thinks she is overreacting…but the woman they are arguing about has been listening to the show and she called in! The Gang – well, minus Drew – are continuing to support the Facebook Group plan to storm Area 51. “What Have We Learned Today”? Well, Ryder the Youngin’ learned Luke Bryan does not sing the song “Some Beach.”