Fitz in the Morning Episode #63 Wednesday 7/17/2019

Did you age yourself on FaceApp? We did – Fitz looks like the Most Interesting Man in the Word, Drew looks like your Mom’s 3rd husband, Claire dove into a tub of moisturizer and Ryder The Youngin’ thinks he aged like “fine $2 wine”. BTW, Fitz tells us it’s a Russian app that has just captured all of our faces. Oh well. Speaking of what everyone’s doing: Fitz and Ryder did the Bread challenge; Fitz stapled Ryder’s sandwich to a tree. The “First Caller of the Day” is Lumber Mill Patrick. “What Are You Kidding Me”: A town in England threw a party for the neighborhood cat; an Iowa government official was forced to resign because of his obsession with Tupac; a family’s bird has learned to chirp along with “Baby Shark”. In the “Fitz Files”: Katy Perry talks about reuniting with Taylor Swift, Jimmie Allen proposes to his girlfriend at Disney World and Leonardo DiCaprio STILL won’t talk about whether Jack could have fit on the door with Rose in “Titanic”. “The Good Stuff” centers on a 75-year-old guy who fought off a gator that attacked his dog; this does however lead to a discussion about Florida gators feeding on Meth dumped in the water system there! Yes, Methgators! Are you “All Jacked Up”? Sure you are – we all have things we do that are totally crazy, so come on and share. Today’s “Troop Salute” is Dennis Harris of the US Navy. A listener needs your help as a “5 Minute Hero” –Tina Tukwila went out with a group of gals and one of them cheated on her husband. Now she’s reaching out to Tina to talk and Tina doesn’t know what to do. It’s a special edition of “County Wars” Portable Toilet Guy Donald vs. Honey Bucket Corey.