Fitz in the Morning Episode #64 Thursday 07/18/2019

Thursday’s show opens with a musical tour of the “Lion King”! (All Drew had to do was mention it and Fitz just burst right into song.) “What Are You Kidding Me” stories: a man thought he had sawdust in his eye, but it turned out to be a tick. In his EYE! Meanwhile Fitz says Lyme disease is a government conspiracy…First Caller of the Day Jill says she’s single and wants to be hooked up so Fitz suggests she call back Friday to be on “City vs. Country”. Jill is concerned about creeps with fetishes like feet-licking; Fitz wonders what’s wrong with that? Fitz says the owners of FaceApp that we all aged ourselves with is a Russian company that now owns access to all our photos, and we willingly gave it to them. “Storm Area 51 Update”: Fitz says ever since “Storm Area 51” started, searches for “Alien Porn” have gone up 58,000%. Today’s “Fitz Files”: Miranda Lambert’s new husband is shirtless in a little promo video for her new song; Luke Combs has been inducted into the Grand Ole’ Opry; “Gossip Girl” is getting reboot and we all come up with potential titles for Aunt Becky’s “Hallmark Christmas in Jail” movies. “The $1000 Minute” was soooo clooossseee…Linda from Enumclaw got to #10 but didn’t know it! Today’s “The Good Stuff” – Shade is going to try out for “Wheel of Fortune” and Fitz is reaching into the Petty Cash to get him dinner in Tacoma. “Make Up or Break Up”: Jeff from Buckley is upset that his girlfriend Vanessa doesn’t like his friends and refuses to hang out with them. She says his friends are all just loser stoners and she wants more for him. We premiere the New Miranda Lambert Song “It’ll All Come Out in The Wash”.