Fitz in the Morning Episode #65 Friday 07/19/2019

The “Top Gun: Maverick” trailer is out and we are all freaking out! Meanwhile Fitz and Ryder the Youngin’ are bonding over the feel of a nice new white T-shirt. Today on “What Are You Kidding Me”: The guy who started the “Storm Area 51” thing online now says it was just a big joke and he’s backing out because he’s afraid of the FBI and the Military. On “Ticket or Skip It”: “The Art of Self Defense” and a little movie called “The Lion King”! Then we take a call from Jim the Navy Man who talks about parts of “Top Gun: Maverick” being filmed right here at NAS Whidbey! “Wheel! Of! Shade!” We hear all about Shade’s trip to Wheel of Fortune tryouts in Tacoma. “The Fitz Files”: – The “Top Gun: Maverick” trailer is awesome, the “Cats” trailer is terrifying and Tom Brady has dropped his own “Old Town Road” video. “The Good Stuff”: A guy in Iowa who passed away in 2005 gave his life savings to put a bunch of kids he had never met through college and they had a reunion. “City Vs. Country”: Bob from Burien meets City Girl Leslie from Olympia and Country Girl Amber from Bonney Lake. Who will he pick? Troop Salute: Brady Stevenson of the US Air Force. We talk about the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing with some cool stats and facts, including Drew’s Grandmother leaving a part of herself inside a moon buggy! Everyone has a story that begins with “Believe it or not…..”, so we want to hear yours. And brace yourself for the moment that EVERYONE is talking about: We all perform a Live Action “Hakuna Matata”!