Fitz in the Morning Episode #66 Monday 07/22/2019

Nothing gets you moving like walking through a spider web as Drew learned; Fitz’s kids are afraid of hyenas after watching “The Lion King”; Claire forgot the basic life advice of wear sunscreen, and Ryder bought a very expensive cat toy; First Caller of The Day Carl checks in from JBLM. “What Are You Kidding Me”: a 911 operator hung up on a woman for yelling; a guy put up a billboard saying birds aren’t real they are government spy drones. “You Make the Call” – Drew wanted to compliment a woman’s legs but couldn’t figure out how without sounding creepy and Fitz wants your opinion. The “Fitz Files”: Marvel is putting out movies until the Sun burns out; Shannon Doherty will star in “Riverdale’s” tribute to Luke Perry, “Big Little Lies” is done for the season, but is it done for good? Shay from Dan and Shay is trying to out-sing Fitz on “The Lion King”. (Cover your ears – Fitz makes us hit the high note on Maren Morris’ “Girl”. “The $1000 Minute”: hear “how it’s done” from Robin from Bonney Lake who WINS! “The Good Stuff”: a man scales a burning apartment building to check on his momma who was trapped inside. We get the resolution to Friday’s “City Vs. Country”: did Air Traffic Controller Bob and Amber from Bonney Lake did meet up? Edgar Martinez is finally in the Baseball Hall of Fame and Rob the Original P1 from Bremerton went to Cooperstown to be there for it. Ryder quizzes us on “Ringtone I.Q” to see if we can recognize tunes on his phone. Troop Salute: PO2 Terry Ballard of the US Navy. We need your help with “Insta Therapy”: Lauren from Puyallup just found out her 41-year-old best friend has been dating her 22-year-old son.