Fitz in the Morning Episode #69 Thursday 07/25/2019

Do you know how to do the Stanky Leg? Did you ever have a day where everything feels like click-bait? And what exactly will Oregon students do with their newly gotten Mental Health Days? (What would you do if you had a few?) “What Are You Kidding Me?”: A flame-throwing attachment is being sold for drones, a Great White Shark snatches a fish off a little kid’s line while he was fishing with his dad, and a man attacks naked bicyclists with a paintball gun. (Ouch!) It’s a special occasion as P1 McKenzie and her grandmother Patty get the official VIP1 Tour of the Bull Studio. “The Fitz Files””:– Nicole Kidman discusses Keith Urban’s song lyric “She’s a maniac in the bed…” Giselle Bundchen is a twin, Joaquin Phoenix has married Rooney Mara, and the Brits are jumping on Harry and Meghan for not addressing 6-year-old Prince George as “HRH” on their Instragram birthday greeting. “The Good Stuff”: Cops are looking for a guy who tried to kidnap an 8-year-old girl who fought back with a major karate move. We discuss how Fitz thinks life is really like an 80’s action movie where all Americans who go backpacking in Asia get trained in the martial arts. “Make Up or Break Up”: Kaylie says her boyfriend Josh is acting differently toward her since she admitted to having plastic surgery several years ago but he says he’s concerned about what their children will look like. Can you guess everything about someone from just three songs on their playlist? Play along with “Playlist Profile”. And we all learned something important today, especially when it comes to naked bike riding and paintball.