Fitz in the Morning Episode # 70 Friday 07/26/2019

We are feeling very Friday y’all cuz it’s time for the Friday Morning Bull-yah! “What Are You Kidding Me”?: A dude in a van sideswiped some cop cars at a police station while he was hauling 140 lbs of meth; a woman was arrested for pouring liquor into the mouth of a Taco Bell drive-thru employee’s mouth, and a guy has been raising his son since he was a toddler to specialize in E-sports and has pulled him out of school to focus on gaming. “Ticket or Skip It”: Drew says you should definitely “ticket” the new Quentin Tarantino Movie “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood”. On the “Fitz Files”: The “Bachelor Live” is coming to Seattle next March; Colin Jost bought ScarJo a massive engagement ring; Amanda Knox is getting married and wants help paying for it; and Kanye West has a line of church clothes designed for his Sunday service. The Good Stuff”: A 19-year-old saves a 6-year-old from a vicious dog attack. “City Vs. Country”: David from Enumclaw chooses between City Girl Becca from Ravenna and Country Girl Kristi from Marysville. Today’s Troop Salute – Chief Petty Officer William Schultz of the US Navy. The “Weekend Party Preview” includes Renton River Days, The Goodguys Car Show, The Seafair Torchlight Parade and more.