Fitz in the Morning Episode # 72 Tuesday 07/30/2019

Unintentional workouts are the worst kind, but The Fitz always wants a fast pass to your ears and your heart! First Call of the Day is from Rug Doctor Ben who wishes us a happy Taco Tuesday. He’s such a good neighbor, he’s building a fence with his neighbor for their new puppy. What Are You Kidding Me: a man in South Carolina sings the Lion King music with his donkey, and the donkey sings along! Also a police officer needs a dozen stitches after a guy throwing things at his neighbors hits the cop too. Fitz wants to know if a guy is “Psycho or So in Love” after a woman says he illegally booted her car to force her to go on a date. Today’s Bulletin: a Seattle woman is arrested for a massive Capital One data breach affecting over 100 million people, Governor Inslee is in Detroit for debates; Fleet Week is underway in Seattle; breastfeeding moms could get additional rights and protections at work and a tragic breaking news story: one teen is dead and three more are hospitalized after a terrible car wreck in Puyallup early this morning. The Fitz Files covers a Bachelorette Breakdown with Hannah admitting just what really really really really (yes, X4) happened in the Windmill with Peter the Pilot, and Jed the Singer has his first songwriting success: a dog food jingle. The Good Stuff: a teacher and her husband ask for school supply donations in lieu of wedding presents. Playlist Profiling really stumps the gang. A riveting Make Up or Break Up finds Michelle from Ballard worried that her boyfriend Adam is not sensitive to her 12-year-old son’s creative dress-up hobbies. And it’s a major milestone for Old Town Road!