Fitz in the Morning Episode # 73 Wednesday 07/31/2019

Like all parents everywhere, Fitz is counting down the days until school starts. First Call of the Day: Bobbie from Darrington is fixin’ to go fishin’. What Are You Kidding Me: A woman in Pittsburgh peed on some potatoes in a Wal-Mart; a woman in England marries her dog. The Kids Are Not Alright: Nearly half of “Generation Z” sends nude pix to each other. The Bulletin: Two cases of Hepatitis A are confirmed in King County; details have emerged in an officer-involved shooting in Burien. A nursing award first given in Seattle is now given out worldwide, Governor Inslee takes the stage tonight in the Dem Debates; Fitz introduces us to a creative way of looking for love: A New York Real Estate Agent has put video ads in cabs. The Fitz Files has a wrap on this season of The Bachelorette and Hannah and the Boys brought the crazy. The Good Stuff: Claire’s nephew is starting medical school and Fitz’s brother got a new certification; a woman bought all the shoes at a Payless Shoes closeout to give to kids who couldn’t afford shoes for school. All Jacked Up has something so crazy we had to introduce an All Jacked Up Hall of Fame. Troop Salute: Sergeant Douglas Booker Sr. of the US Army. 989 The Bull and Budweiser have teamed up for a Cornhole Tournament at Watershed, and the guys from Midland are slated to be celebrity holers. Fitz tells us about the “The 7 Guys You Have To Look Out For at a BBQ” like grill dude, grill adjacent dudes, and music dude. Kristine from Pierce County wins County Wars for Pierce County for the Month of July! That’s means we are heading back to Pierce County for another Championship Video.