Fitz in the Morning Episode # 74 Thursday 08/01/2019

Ahhh the “comfortable sounds” of Fitz in the Morning! Can you feel it? Our First Call of the Day is from Barry All Day Every Day who has some float trip advice. What Are You Kidding Me!?: a woman gets stuck in an overturned portable toilet in a wind storm, and a tour bus in Africa was attacked by an angry elephant. The Science of Attraction: Fitz has some tips to make someone fall for you using Science, including coffee dates, dogs and guitars. Hourly Bulletin: a local charity is being investigated over missing money, the I-90 Floating Bridge will remain open for Blue Angels performances; police arrest a woman who started a brush fire near Spanaway, and escaped goats run wild through Issaquah. The Fitz Files: Lori Loughlin’s daughters have been kicked out of their sorority, a Scientologist claims Tom Cruise is not allowed to have a relationship with his daughter Suri, Luke Bryan and his wife hang out at Pig Beach, and Jason Momoa has joined a protest in Hawaii. The Good Stuff: a farmer in Ritzville is fighting cancer and couldn’t harvest his wheat crop so his neighboring farmers showed up and harvested his entire 1200 acres for him. Make Up or Break Up: Aaron from Sumner is sick of his girlfriend Meagan’s new vegan lifestyle. Playlist Profiling stumps us all even though it’s someone we all know. Throwback Thursday has us all picking songs that take us back. And be alert Shedders: Tag Team 6 will be out in force at Watershed all weekend, looking for your Neon, with ticket upgrades, meet ‘n’ greets, and more!