Fitz in the Morning Episode # 76 Monday 08/05/2019

From Watershed to Seafair to the US Army Golden Knights, it was a non-stop Bull Ride kinda weekend. First Call of the Day: Honey Bucket Corey still cleaning Honey Buckets at the Gorge! What Are You Kidding Me?!: An old man stuck on a treadmill because he didn’t know how to stop it; a mechanic lowers a repair bill in exchange for the female client flashing her “headlights.” Netflix offers couples a “Binge Contract” to regulate binge behavior. Hourly Bulletin: Update on mass shootings around the nation this weekend; a driver who crashed down a 60-ft embankment starts a Tacoma brush fire; the Colville reservation fire has burned over 10,000 acres; a man is in critical condition after being pulled from Lake Washington; ferry riders are trapped on Anderson Island. Claire with sports: crazy finish to the Seafair Hydro races; Ryder left Fitz a bunch a voice mails on how his weekend was going. The Fitz Files: The “Bachelorette” has a real-life love triangle involving Gigi Hadid; Dog the Bounty Hunter is looking for whoever stole his wife’s personal items; CMA Fest with Keith Urban throwing in on “Old Town Road”. The Good Stuff: a 4-year-old sings the Marine Corps Hymn. City Vs Country Recap: Vanessa’s experience at Watershed with Country Boy Carl. We talk about our amazing Sunday going up in the plane with the US Army Golden Knights at Seafair. Tonya from Everett tells us about hanging out with Toby Keith at a bar in Mukilteo. Troop Salute: The US Army Golden Knights Parachute Team. Fitz tells us about crazy personal rules for teachers in 1915, and listener Janine calls about her grandmother, a teacher in 1919 who was secretly married. Monday Motivation: some positive quotes to start your week off right.