Fitz in the Morning Episode # 78 Weds 08/07/2019

This week couldn’t be more American, from Watershed to the US Army Golden Knights to Fitz’s National Anthem at the Mariners Game! First Caller of the Day Brent from Buckley was at the game. What Are You Kidding Me?!: lightning struck a septic tank and blew up a toilet; someone figured out how to play “We Will Rock You” on electric razors and typewriters; a woman got a note asking for her panties. Fitz says a new survey shows most people want to hear bad news before good news. Hourly Bulletin: election results; a pilot is safe after flipping his plane in the Sound; the president of NHL Seattle says they will weed out ticket brokers; three more southern resident Orcas declared dead; Kent Police say an increase in crime highlights need for more officers; a Kent man is making a big splash in the Major Leagues; ferry rates are going up; excavators are disappearing in Pierce County. After County Wars, brace yourself cuz Fitz throws in a Dad Joke. The Fitz Files: “Bachelorette’s” Tyler is in legal trouble in Florida; Tyrese is shading the Rock because “Hobbs & Shaw” didn’t make much money; Disney is offering a Hulu/ESPN bundle with their new streaming service; Kane Brown and his wife saw a rattlesnake in their driveway, and she lost it. The Good Stuff: two police officers find out they are actually brothers after one of them does a DNA test. Are You All Jacked Up? Cuz the Prime Minister of Twang sure is! Troop Salute: Gunnery Sergeant Roy Calica USMC. Fitz tells us about his experience singing the National Anthem at the Mariners game; we compare him to some famous anthem fails; Storm Area 51 Update: Facebook took down the group page but some strippers are headed to the rescue!