Fitz in the Morning Episode # 79 Thursday 08/08/2019

If Fitz could do the whole show in Emojis, he would. Fitz brings up his old power steering debacle, forcing Drew to once again defend his mechanic’s honor. What Are You Kidding Me!?: frogs fighting make some sweet sounds; a thief stole ketchup from a Perkins, but was overcome with guilt and brought it back; a woman at a zoo climbed into the Giraffe pit and got kicked in the head; a woman at the airport in Colombia was arrested with breast implants full of cocaine. Hourly Bulletin: an Olympia driver intentionally hits a road construction worker; a Kent woman is accused of using her access as a delivery driver to steal packages; a terrifying incident at a Federal Way WalMart as a man with a gun makes threats; Wednesday morning’s rush hour traffic was caused by a baby being born. The Seahawks first preseason game is tonight! Claire runs down who is playing and who is not. We all run down our personal ailments. The Fitz Files: Tom Brady and Giselle put their $40 million house on sale, sparking panic that he’s leaving Boston; Meg Ryan loves being engaged to John Mellencamp, but they in no hurry to actually marry. The Good Stuff: a man jumps into a canal to rescue his dog from the jaws of a gator. Make Up or Break Up: Ryan from Auburn is mad that his girlfriend Dana is throwing out all his stuff since she moved in, but Dana says Ryan’s stuff is garbage and she’s doing him a favor. Playlist Profiling is a major stumper! Fitz questions whether married people should be friends with members of the opposite sex. Fitz is convinced Drew’s mom doesn’t love him – and convinces the rest of us.