Fitz in the Morning Episode #84 Thurs 08/15/2019

The moon is following Fitz, Drew and Claire, but Mick Jagger is following Ryder. What Are You Kidding Me?!: A teen lost her cell phone privileges so she sent a tweet from a smart fridge; a Russian man predicted his own death of being eaten by a bear; a Florida man went after his neighbor with roach spray and nun chucks; a granny got high on her grandson’s pot brownies. What One Thing Would Make You Happy Right Now?: Fitz wants a honeymoon; Drew says slippers, Claire needs a car, Ryder wants a movie-accurate Bat Suit. Hourly Bulletin: 50,000 people saw the Rolling Stones at Century Link; Tacoma is taking measures against illegal camping; Seahawks’ DK Metcalf gives out gift cards for classroom supplies; Huskies pre-ranked #12 on strength of the coach alone; Washington Teachers are still negotiating new contracts; Tukwila property owner charged with cockfighting; The Fitz Files: Miley’s people say Liam was the problem in their relationship; the cast of “BH90210” reboot only got $70k per episode; Hunter Hayes has a new song out; today is the 124th birthday of the man who invented nachos. The Good Stuff: a grandfather found out his cancer was in remission, so he cashed in all his frequent flier miles and took 30 family members to Hawaii. Make Up or Break Up: Heather from Puyallup is mad because boyfriend Chris bought a new Camaro when they were looking at family cars. Playlist Profile: (Are we getting worse as this?) Throwback Thursday: we pick old songs we’ve been thinking about. What Have We Learned Today? That we all need to go out for Nachos today!