Fitz in the Morning Episode #87 Tue 08/20/2019

First morning with the heater on, but don’t worry it’ll hit 80 later. First Call of the Day: Eugene is driving a dump truck. What Are You Kidding Me?!: a woman sets her boyfriend’s house on fire because he didn’t answer the door; a woman finds a live frog in her prepackaged salad; Tiffany announces a line of jewelry just for guys and Fitz invents the Man Charms; Consumer Reports recommends you keep your home at 78 degrees and we discuss our competing conspiracy theories. Text The Truth: tell us your darkest secrets –no names, just confessions, we promise; Hourly Bulletin: dump truck crashes through Pioneer Square; local celebs celebrate Sounders ownership; the Mukilteo FD has first woman Captain; kid accidentally runs over mom at Renton Park and the Mom is a P1 and calls the show! UW and WSU both in Top 25; King Felix trying for one more comeback. The Fitz Files: Brad Paisley is out at the CMA awards; Katie Homes and Jamie Foxx break up; FGL Tyler Hubbard’s wife had a baby and we ask why Drew hates Thomas Rhett but not Tyler Hubbard. Then we delve deeper into Brad Paisley not being hired back for the CMAs and a Very Sad Brad calls the show. The Good Stuff: a guy has a stroke while on the phone with Comcast and the customer service rep saves his life. Make Up or Break Up – Tina from Kent wants to figure out how to make her relationship with Robert because they need to stay together for the dog. Playlist Profile: Wait – is this Hunter Hayes!?!? Renee wins the “Hey Fi