Fitz in the Morning Episode #88 Wed 08/21/2019

Katy Perry was there, so why not Fitz? Fitz wants to know why we weren’t invited to the big Amazon Party last night. First Call of the Day: Lumber Mill Patrick. What Are You Kidding Me?!: a man clearing weeds with a blowtorch burns down three houses; the rudest state in America is New York; a town opens a time capsule on its 50th anniversary and finds nothing. Celebrity Baby Draft: we all make our picks for next celebrity baby announcement. The Hourly Bulletin: demolition at 82% complete on the Viaduct; a Seattle man auctioned Obama’s HS BBall Jersey for $120k, the Dump Truck company in Monday’s accident has a history of violations, Seahawks send gifts to a 100-year-old fan; Seattle’s XFL Team gets a name today. Dad Jokes: a terminal case! The Fitz Files: Is Aunt Becky/Lori Loughlin cracking under pressure? Sony and Marvel Split up over “Spider-Man”; there will be a 4th Matrix movie with Keanu; “Dancing with the Stars” has Alabama Hannah and Sean Spicy Spicer. The Good Stuff: firemen help a woman in a wheelchair building paths and ramps on their own time. All Jacked Up: What do you do when no one is looking? Fitz freaks about not having his wipies and some P1’s are very particular about their socks. Who Really Loves Fitz?: Fitz says he nearly choked to death on a Pepperoni stick and only Ryder came to his rescue. Troop Salute: Master Sergeant Casey Payne of the US Air Force. Insta-Therapy: should someone take a job that will mean a $10,000 raise if they know that everyone who has the job is overworked and miserable? Michael from Auburn wins Granger Smith tickets with the “Hey Fitz Gimme Something Free” song of the hour! And we salute Kenny Rogers on this 81st birthday.