Fitz in the Morning Episode #90 Fri 08/23/2019

Friday Means Just One Thing: Bull-Yah! What Are You Kidding Me?!: Texas has accidentally decriminalized cannabis; New York City is hosting ButtCon. Little Debbie has ranked its top snacks and we fight over it; a man survives an elevator falling 9 stories. Ticket or Skip It: Drew Reviews “Ready or Not” and “Angel Has Fallen”. Hourly Bulletin: The state starts alerting about drivers’ licenses not working for air travel next year; a traffic study shows our traffic really is getting worse; warmer temps are on the way, but so is more wildfire smoke; some Washington legislators want Inslee to pay for his campaign security costs; MidWeek Crisis: Claire has a pond in her basement after her hot water heater blew.  The Fitz Files: Miley Cyrus posts an epic Twitter Rant; Taylor Swift’s new album has dropped; Carrie Underwood and Joan Jett are remaking the Sunday Night Football Song. The Good Stuff: a Scottish man with dementia has forgotten his entire history but fell in love with his wife all over again and asked her to marry him.  City vs. Country: Ashley from Bothell has to choose between Country Boy Charles from Kent and City Boy Nick also from Kent. “My Dog’s Stoned Again”: Willie Nelson has new Hemp products for pets and Fitz’ has a new song to go with it! Troop Salute: Christine Sloan of the US Army. We call the Brad Paisley VIP1 Country Bucket List Experience Winner! Believe It or Not: We all have those stories; tell us yours! The Weekend Party Preview: lots of cool stuff this weekend including Free National Parks Day. ?