Fitz in the Morning Episode #91 Mon 08/26/2019

Happy Birthday to the Mouth from the South: Fitz did something very thoughtful for his wife’s birthday. First Caller of the Day: Three-Finger Craig from Bonney Lake. What Are You Kidding Me?!: guy busted playing “Pokemon Go” on eight phones while driving; woman tries to steal a TV by holding it between her legs under her skirt; a thief sees a fire in the house she’s robbing and calls 911. Back to School: we each offer advice to kids based on our own experience. Hourly Bulletin: Boeing hiring big to get the 737-Max up and running; Seattle will allow electric scooters starting in spring; DOT doubling up HOV lanes on 405 within 5 years; Everett launching a parking study; King Felix returns from injury; Seattle Storm makes the playoffs! Fitz is afraid the Prime Minister is going to take away the Bull Horn if we don’t start using it more. It’s so easy: it’s right there on the Bull App! Leave us a message! The Fitz Files: an employee of Robert DeNiro is accused of embezzling while watching 55 episodes of “Friends” at work; celebrities want you to stop bullying Meaghan Markle; Whitney Port turned down Leo DeCaprio ten years ago and regrets it. The Good Stuff: a woman’s underwire bra stops a bullet when some hunters mistake her for a deer. City vs Country: Ashley from Bothell wasn’t overly thrilled with either guy but chose City Boy Nick from Kent. We hear how it went. Mean Mr. McGregor: Fitz has a mean neighbor who hates kids and dogs but his little daughter Drew says he really is very nice. Today’s Troop Salute: Terry Sutton of the US Army. InstaTherapy: A P1 needs help because she and her sister have different views of their mom. We’ve got your Monday Motivation.