Fitz in the Morning Episode #93 Weds 08/28/2019

Where is that Humpday camel when you need him? First Caller of the Day: John from Tacoma saw Fitz at Big Lots buying toilet paper. What Are You Kidding Me?!: man uses toilet during a burglary and is caught by, um, DNA; half a million bees have dropped dead in Brazil; brawl at an Olive Garden; man burns motel trying to burn bed bugs. Getting To Know You: Fitz quizzes us on some personal topics. Hourly Bulletin: Seattle teachers approve contract; two-alarm fire burns Snohomish warehouse; PS and King County Sheriffs bust porch pirates in package sting; Nordstrom paying back $72 million interest overcharges; 15-year-old Coco Gauff wins first US Open match; Seahawks injury update. The Fitz Files: Todd Chrissly’s daughter has hired personal protection from her own family; Patrick Dempsey’s kids make fun of him for being a sex symbol; Hayden Panetierre is emerging from a very dark place and wants her daughter back. The Good Stuff: a couple taking wedding photos on the beach saves a drowning child. All Jacked Up: Well this just gets weirder every week. Patrick Dempsey’s kids make fun of him for being a sex symbol. Troop Salute: First Sergeant Brad Michaels of the US Air Force. Russell Dickerson calls show! He’s playing Thursday night at the Ellensburg Rodeo. Fitz gives him the Official Fitz in the Morning Interrogation! Hint: his first big purchase was not a Blue Tacoma.