Fitz in the Morning Episode #94 Thursday 08/29/19

After yesterday’s show, Fitz may never shop publicly shop for toilet paper again. First Caller of the Day: Ronald from Bonney Lake says he’s ambidextrous. What Are You Kidding Me?!: woman takes 5 pairs of underwear into a fitting room, but only comes out with 4; pastor arrested for stealing an SUV from dealership says the Devil made him do it; study shows more men work out more often when the economy is bad. The Ellensburg Rodeo Court Visits the Studio! Hourly Bulletin: missing Snohomish hikers found safe; human bones found at residential construction site at Lake Tapps; boy scouts douse runaway camp fire; Tacoma woman tracks down stolen garden tool on For Sale site; Seahawks final preseason game is make-or-break for some receivers; speed racer Jesse Combs dies trying to break speed record. The Fitz Files: Netflix has a new documentary on Bill Gates; battle over Aretha Franklin’s estate turns up $1 million in uncashed checks; how much do “Dancing with the Stars contestants really make; The Good Stuff: officers who find homeless man sleeping in a train station help reunite him with his daughters. Make Up or Break Up: Sarah from Federal Way is upset because her boyfriend Dave goes to Canada with his buddies but without her. Playlist Profiling – it’s harder than it seems! The Fault in Drew’s Stars: Fitz lays out our horoscopes, but Drew doesn’t believe in any of it. Keep listening to win tickets to Old Dominion at the WA State Fair AND in Vegas!