Fitz in the Morning Episode #95 Fri 08/30/19

Ryder needs to stop messaging Fitz at 230am to play Red Dead Redemption! But that’s OK cuz it’s time for the Friday BULL-YAH! What Are You Kidding Me?!: man arrested for speeding while smoking pot asks cop for selfie mugshot; elderly woman jumped by mugger gets away by twisting his pork ‘n’ beans; drunk guy paints his name on cop cars; man whose wife is having affair with his lawyer cuts off the lawyer’s junk with garden shears. Ticket or Skip It: Drew reviews “Don’t Let Go”. Hourly Bulletin: Mount Vernon jury returns guilty verdict in cop shooter case; 500K people expected to ride ferries this weekend but don’t jump the line cuz they will fine you; prepare for bag searches and more security at the Washington State Fair; Seattle law firm suing Seattle City Light for overcharging. Snohomish officials investigating teens who broke into city reservoir and swam; Last Seahawks preseason game had good performances from Geno Smith and Ben Burr-Kirvin; 15-year-old Coco Gauff to play defending champ at the US Open. The Fitz Files: Justin Bieber getting married (again) in South Carolina; are Draco and Hermione dating? K- Pop sensation BTS is getting their own TV drama. The Good Stuff: Researchers in Oklahoma have developed a superior peanut that is healthier, tastier, and easier to grow. City vs. Country: Dale from Kent meets Country Girl Katie and City Girl Hillary. Today’s Troop Salute: PFC Dylan Thompson of the US Marine Corp, sent in by his little brother. County Wars: Pierce County WINS THE MONTH! AGAIN! Weekend Party Preview has a lot going on for Labor Day Weekend. Fitz reminds us to do whatever we can for charities that support kids, teachers, and schools that can’t afford school and classroom supplies.