Fitz in the Morning Friday 01/03/20

It’s Friday!! So you know we’re going to start this day off, and your weekend off with our What Are You Kidding Me? Stories of the day, Drew tells us how parts falling off a plane landed close to home for him. Fitz thinks the Almighty was aiming for him and missed!. Hunters in Michigan are getting more than good meat from the deer they take down. Later in the WAYKM Fitz can barely get through a story about exploding…….. You just have to hear it to believe it. Drew will tell us what to watch at the movies this weekend in Ticket Or Skip It. Which one of us is the worst neighbor? We find out during a round of Getting to Know You. Fitz says he’s still thinking about that first tattoo, and doesn’t appreciate how adamant Drew is about him not getting one. Fitz and Claire go full “Hippie” When Age of Aquarius comes up. We have a Good Stuff story about a community baby shower that will give you the feels. We’re going to put more singles together for a round of City Vs. Country and see who gets the nod this time. How wrong can one person be? Not as wrong as you think. We play the Wrong Game to test ourselves. Everyone has those stories that begin with “Believe it or not…” And we want to hear all of yours. Fitz has questions about J Lo. And Shakira playing this year’s Super Bowl halftime show. And now you’re ready for your weekend. Enjoy it!