Fitz in The Morning Friday 12/27/19

Here we are at the Friday of the weekend between the holidays. Let’s make the best of it. What Are You Kidding Me? Did you know an electric toothbrush can rock? You do now, An Australian Jogger finds a disturbing note on her car… It’s enough to make you soil your undies. Later, we catch a bride confessing to dropping some last second wedding weight just before walking down the aisle, and we find out what that guy is planning to do with that sack full of snakes. Fitz has a problem with Drew’s opinion about how often he should spank his kids. Much more often, is Drew’s idea. The P1’s have something to say about that. What do you hope they don’t find when your time comes? We each tell you what we’re scared to leave behind. Fitz has a list of the WORST toys our this season. In the Good Stuff a police officer is serving his community by reuniting a father with his estranged daughters. In City Vs. Country, we are introducing Taylor from West Seattle to Country boy Henry from Kent and City boy Tim from Redmond. Will she pick the flying hick? We’ve got another installment of Believe it or Not for you. Are men afraid to work with women now? Ryder lets us know that none of our stuff is safe when he’s around.