Fitz in the Morning Monday 01/06/20

Its Monday, but it feels like Groundhog day with all these old guys coming out of retirement and playing NFL football! We talk about all the crazy football action over the weekend and how DK Metcalf has finally fulfilled his “prophecy of greatness”. Mike from Bremerton is our first caller of the day and also of 2020! and all he has to say “I got up early for this?” In the What Are You Kidding Me? Parking Meters in New York glitched out when the year turned over to 2020 and wouldn’t accept credit cards sending the entire city into a panicked grab for quarters. A couple in Florida were arrested after having a brutal fight over the Kelly Clarkson show. In the Fitz Files we talk about Ricky Gervais slamming Hollywood and warning them to stay off politics at the Golden globes. We also talk about some of the big winners like 1917 for best Drama, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood for Best comedy or musical, and Juaquim Phoenix for best actor in a Drama. In The Good Stuff a woman gives birth to twins…. Each child is born in a different decade! One on New years eve, and the other 17 minutes later on New Years Day. We also caught up with Samantha from Redmond and County Boy Chad from City Vs. Country, Thay did hang out this weekend, and it went great. And now that were in the year 2020… New Year, New US? We all pick New Years Resolutions for each other. Fitz wants Ryder to slow down on the smoking, Drew says He wants Fitz to keep it Real now that he’s the host of CT 40. Shade thinks Fitz could sing less….like 75% less this year. Fitz predicts A bunch of crazy country music madness including Carrie Underwood becoming an NFL sideline reporter, Drew Predicts this is the year we stop shopping in big box retail, and the Ryder predicts that LIzzo and Post Malone will collaborate with some country music stars!