Fitz in the Morning Monday 12/30/19

The year is almost over, but the madness is still rolling here at Fitz in the Morning. What Are You Kidding Me? Fitz and Ryder are all about new internet trends, so watch out trees. Later in WAYKM Fitz grosses us all out by telling us about the oldest woman to ever give birth, and then a guy who thinks he can demand his weed back from Police because it’s legal now…. Except it’s not in HIS state. How did your significant other change you? We each have things about us that changed, and we hear from some of the P1’s too. Would you like some bone broth with that? Fitz has a list of the trendiest foods to be delivered according to Uber Eats. In the Good Stuff we hear about a man who survived Cancer several times, and now something BIG is happening for him. In City Vs. Country we find out that Taylor and Tim did go out, were there sparks? Adulting is hard, we talk about all the things that we weren’t prepared for when we became adults. Have you ever wondered what the first CD Claire ever bought was? She tells you what it was, and so does everyone else in Getting To Know You. We want you to tell us the last time you cried as an adult, and Drew thinks Fitz needs a Paranoia Coach.