Fitz in the Morning Thursday 01/02/20

It’s January 2nd which also happens to be the national New Years Recovery day so celebrate and stay hydrated! In the What Are You Kidding Me? “Selfie” Bandits steal a car in Portland, but they leave a bunch of photos of themselves on a camera that was inside the car Later Fitz says someone complained to management about his singing, but for some reason we talk about how much he and Ryder are Gaming together. You might not believe this, but it turns out most people are good? Ryder found this out when nobody stole his girlfriend’s debit card. Then Fitz says married people should NEVER speak to the opposite sex in public. In the Good Stuff we learn about a School Principal Writes to Tooth Fairy on behalf of a student who lost his tooth. Then in Make Up or Break Up we hear from Tina from Kent who really wants her relationship with Robert to work out for the sake of their Dog Sigmund. Robert says he’s willing to work on things, but it’s his dog anyway! A new study says selfie takers are lonelier, Fitz thinks it’s the opposite. What Are You Kidding Me? A man thinks playing dead will get him out of paying his rent.  A woman takes her car to the mechanic for a repair, but the problem ends up being her Techno Rabbit 5000 personal love device jamming the works.  Drew says he has seen the same types of things in repair shop cars.