Fitz in the Morning Tuesday 01/07/20

Its Tuesday AKA. Pre-Hump Day and the boys aren’t only back in town they’re the only ones in town! Claire’s only gone 2 days and its starting to smell like a Middle School locker room in the studio. Fitz wanted to watch the Bachelor, but couldn’t get to the TV. Drew actually tried to watch it, but couldn’t take it for more than a few minutes. In the What Are You Kidding Me!? story It’s national pass gas day. Yesterday was national bean day… go figure.  A farmer in North Carolina has a chicken that laughs at his jokes. and later Krispy Kreme advertised doughnuts to help you lose weight, it turns out they’re just slightly smaller…. And of course Shaq is endorsing them. Netflix announces the 20 Biggest Shows of 2019 and Topping the list was Murder Mystery and The Irishman in movies, and The Witcher and Stranger Things Season 3 in shows. The worlds first human composting facility will open in SODO 2021 and Seahawks Wildcard game was most watched game of the weekend, and second most watched TV program since the Superbowl! Chris Hemsworth donated $2Mil to Australia Fires and Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman donate $500k. The Bachelorette strikes back on the season opening of The Bachelor.  Tenille Arts Performed on the show, she’s only the artist to perform on the show 3 times. During Make Up or Break Up Trevor from Bremerton is really bothered that his girlfriend Stephanie has dirt cheap rent… Because her Ex owns the building they live in. Stephanie says Trevor is overreacting, and he should be thankful that they have this great opportunity and she has ZERO interest in her ex Chad. Then during Playlist Profiling we guess a listeners gender, age, car, and occupation and guess what… Drew Wins!?