Fitz in the Morning Tuesday 12/31/19

How strange will it get here on the last day of 2019 and the last day of the Decade?…. In the What Are You Kidding Me? Stories we find out if chickens can be emotional support animals, and how you can get your very own robot clone if you have enough Rubles. Later we hear about a couple who take a banking mistake….. to the bank? Ryder talks Nerdy to us while telling you about your next vacation spot on a planet very much like Earth. Are puppies more destructive than babies? Listeners tell us who did the most damage to their homes. Fitz raps about Tell a Friend Tuesday and you DO NOT want to miss that. In the Good Stuff we learn about an air traffic controller who talked a student pilot down for a safe landing after the instructor went unconscious. In Make Up or Break Up Gina is worried about her boyfriend Joey’s anger issues. We’ll need some 5 minute heroes to help this couple figure this out. Can Fitz quit his phone? Can any of us?. We’ll try to decode a caller’s whole life from just 3 songs on their personal playlist in Playlist Profiling. You get to tell us all of those deep, dark secrets anonymously in Text the Truth, and Finally, we’ll find out who is the most wrong among us when we play The Wrong Game.