Fitz in the Morning Wednesday 1/1/20

Well its officially the dawn of a new Decade, and some things never change! In the What Are You Kidding Me? Stories we find out about a Meth-head who looks just like Walter White is wanted by the cops, and ANOTHER car goes through the wall at an LA fitness?Later we hear about how Fitz Wants A Tattoo! Then we talk the ages you should stop doing things! After that Fitz informs us about how Drew’s Mom Doesn’t Love Him and in the Good Stuff we learn about a Golfer who celebrated his 100th birthday with a Hole in One! We have listeners calling and tell us what makes than all jacked up! And then we have an EX-citing round of “What has an Ex Taught You?” where we talk about the things we’ve all had to learn from past relationships, good and bad! In the world of What Are You Kidding Me? we hear about a Woman who bit a Camel on the Pork’n Beans when he pined her to a wall. Then Fitz tells all about how Dogfishing is the New Catfishing, and do you need something? Drew Knows A guy!