Flick It Don’t Stick It

Brandon from Granite Falls is getting pretty grossed out by his girlfriend Tiffany’s lack of cleaning skills around the house and in his car. He claims that, on a scale of 1-10, she is a 2000. His primary example? Finding a Starbucks cup in the car console with – get this – a booger stuck on top! He tells us a few other examples that might make you lose your breakfast. It’s pretty damn funny, but it’s serious to Brandon because he is a Real Estate Agent and sometimes has clients in the car so it can be an expensive problem if an old cheeseburger rolls out. And he says he has spoken to her about it a million times and he’s tired of having the conversation. But when Tiffany comes on, she says Brandon is completely exaggerating about the car, it’s not that bad, and bedsides, she does his laundry and we wouldn’t believe the skid marks. When the conversation degenerates into an argument about Proper Booger Procedure, it seems clear these two are made for each other! And….it’s possible no else wants them!!