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Force Multiplier EP 1: Nutrition Insecurity, the Most Powerful Determinant of Health

It’s not just a matter of food. It’s a matter of nutrition. If Nutrition is the most powerful determinant of health, then why do over 40 million Americans have trouble putting food on the table? If access to nutritious food is required for optimal growth and development, how do we safeguard our children’s future by addressing hidden hunger in our communities? The good news is that organizations are shifting focus, adopting new policies and programs to promote healthier, more balanced lifestyles, especially for those facing real hunger.
On the first Episode of Force Multiplier join Baratunde as he sits with two leaders working across disciplines and sectors to solve nutrition insecurity. Gita Rampersad, Vice President at Feeding America, shares how the country’s largest hunger relief organization is working to provide communities across the country with access to nutritious food. Dr. Kyla Johnson-Trammell, Superintendent of the Oakland Unified School District describes how an unexpected partnership between an NBA All-Star family, a passionate Spanish Chef and a committed community delivered 15 million meals to families in need, creating a new model for how cross-sector partnerships can tackle our most pressing issues.
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