Bobby Bones Show On Demand

Foster Care: All Kids Need Love. A Practical Health Journey. How to Cut Back on Salt. Stop Comparing & Start Loving Your Body.

FIRST THING: Ever thought about fostering kids that need a home? In honor of “National Foster Care Month,” Amy sits down with @ProducerEddie from @bobbybonesshow to discuss his life as a new foster parent and the steps he and his wife took to get their! SECOND THING: Nicole from @KaleJunkie is back to discuss a realistic & practical approach to have on your health journey! “You are so much more than a number!” THIRD THING: Its all things salty!! How much salt should you consume on a daily basis? How quickly are you hitting that limit? Amy discusses tasty tips & tricks to help cut down on your sodium intake. FOURTH THING: Continuing our series with @kim_anderson_life Amy & Kim discuss perception, comparison, & the power of self talk! “You can’t look at your body and ignore your mind, or look at your mind and ignore your body!”
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