Franklin Carter of the US Air Force

I salute troops from every corner of the US and every place in between. We receive submissions from every state in the union. Today, I can definitely say this salute is a first for us. Today we are saluting Master Sergeant Franklin Carter of the United States Air Force. Franklin’s daughter Megan Carter is a P1 listener to this show, from all the way over in the UK! When Carter was first stationed in England 30 years, ago he met his wife, an English woman, he married her and had a daughter. And now that daughter is saluting her father. Master Sergeant Carter has served this nation with pride for over 32 years! He is currently an AVN technician in the Air Force. Carter served in Kuwait in 1998. He was stationed in Germany from 1990 – 1993, and he has been all over the US and the world. Meagan says the family was posted all over the world when she was little. Her dad is her hero not only because he protects the country, but because he has provided a fulfilling and interesting life for her and her mother. “I’m English at heart, but I’m American by birth.” Megan says. “Mum and I are so lucky to have my dad in our lives.” Today we salute Master Sergeant Franklin Carter of the United States Air Force.