Garlin Murl Connor of the US Army

There are very few individuals who demonstrate the valor, the bravery, the courage, and the action necessary to be awarded the highest honor that our military can bestow upon them. That award is the Congressional Medal of Honor. Today we salute one such Honoree, 1st Lieutenant Garlin Murl Connor of the United States Army. Receiving the Congressional Medal of Honor officially makes Lieutenant Connor the 2nd most decorated combat veteran of WWII. Standing just 5 foot 6 inches tall and weighing only around 120 lbs. Lt. Connor was not the most physically imposing soldier on the battlefield, but on January 24, 1945, he was an obstacle that wave after wave of German troops could not pass. Lt. Connor took part in 10 campaigns with the Army’s 3rd infantry division during his 28 months of combat time. He was wounded 7 different times, but kept on fighting. On that January day in 1945 he actually slipped away from an Army hospital to join his unit. He volunteered to be an artillery spotter for the mission, since he wasn’t cleared to fight. He took a field telephone, and a machine gun and ran forward toward the enemy. Lt. Connor hunkered down in a drainage ditch for hours reporting on troop movements and calling in artillery strikes. The German forces numbered around 600, including an SS contingent and German tanks. At one point the Germans got within 10 meters of his position. It was then when Connor called in the artillery strike on his own position, and told them to “Just keep firing for effect.” His selfless act, and courage in the face of certain death is exactly why his commanding officer recommended him for the CMH after this engagement. Garlin Connor survived the battle that day and returned home a hero. His wife Pauline said he never directly told her what happened on that day. 1st Lieutenant Garlin Connor died on November 5th, 1998 at home. Two years ago, President Trump presented his widow Pauline with his posthumous Congressional Medal of Honor. Today we all salute 1st Lieutenant Garlin Murl Connor of the United States Army, Congressional Medal of Honor.