Garrett Lee Brodersen US Army National Guard

Serving in the military is a choice that every American gets to make for themselves. Some people join alone, others join with friends, and some join to follow a tradition. Today’s Troop Salute is for a soldier that joined to follow a family tradition of service. Today we are saluting Garrett Lee Brodersen of the United States Army National Guard. Garret is currently serving the nation while deployed in Afghanistan. He has been in the National Guard already for 8 years, and just signed up for another 6. The tradition of service in Brodersen’s family runs deep like so many others. He followed his father James who served in the Army and participated in Desert Storm back in the 90’s. And they both followed Garrett’s grandfather into service, as he served with the US Navy before them. Garrett loves what he does for this great country, and he plans to follow through and retire with the full 20 years. That level of commitment to the cause is why we salute Garrett Lee Broderson of the US Army National Guard.