Genius or Jackass?

Danielle from Lakewood has asked for help with her relationship with her boyfriend Victor. She says he and his best friend have been trying to become YouTube stars in the Jackass style for several years but they aren’t very original or good at it and she thinks it’s time Victor just got a real career. She says she understands there are people out there who are really successful at this but those people have good ideas and original material and a business plan and Victor and his buddy have none of those and Danielle thinks now that he’s 28 years old, he needs to get a life. When Victor comes on, he comes straight after us “Boomers” for even having this conversation and not at all understanding what he’s doing and who is he modelling himself after. After trying to drop a whole lotta jokes on us, Victor says believes in himself and is full of optimism for his career and wants no part of any negativity about his future. But…does he actually care at all about his future with Danielle?