Get Your Acorn Out of My BritBox

Tara from Lynwood calls in because, to prepare for weeks of home quarantine, her boyfriend Evan bought a giant new TV and subscribed to a bunch of streaming channels. She says they already had a TV and have plenty of choices to watch with Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime but now he has signed them up for HBO, Showtime, Disney+, CBS All Access, and bunch of stuff she’s never even heard of like Acorn and BritBox. And Tara is really upset because he put all of this on credit cards and thinks with so much uncertainty in the economy now is not the time be adding to their debt, especially with stuff they don’t really need. When Evan comes on he says these ARE things they need because they could be house-bound for months and he wants to make sure they have plenty of entertainment. And he says he bought the second TV for her, so that they can each have their own private time to watch whatever they want. Which makes Tara wonder, is Evan looking for a way to get away from her inside the house?