Amy’s 4 Things

GIFT GUIDE 2019: Amy & Meri Share Gifts That Give Back + Other Favorite Things! (#54)

Are you stumped on what to give someone for Christmas?? Need ideas of what to put in those stockings?? On today’s episode Amy + Meri give you tons and tons of gift ideas, some that give back and some that don’t. FIRST THING: Amy + Meri thank everyone for shopping with a purpose and they update us on the ways you have helped Haiti, so a lot of the gifts they’re sharing are ESPWA related but they are also including their favorite things from Amazon and other companies. Everything they talk about in this episode will be linked in their online gift guide which can be found at SECOND THING: Gifts that give back for the girls in your life. THIRD THING: Gifts that give back for the guys in your life…and kids too! FOURTH THING: Amy + Meri’s favorite things from other shops. 
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