Amy’s 4 Things

Glennon Doyle: Feeling Your Feelings. Trusting Yourself. Mom Memos. Gratitude + No Regrets.

FIRST THING: New York Times Best Selling Author and activist, Glennon Doyle, is on to chat with Amy. In this thing, Amy and Glennon talk about how they’re both in recovery from eating disorders and/or addiction. Glennon shares how she learned how to live with hard feelings that showed up in recovery. SECOND THING: Do you trust yourself or do you look to outside sources for direction and validation? Glennon and Amy talk about how easy it is to find our directions from everything outside of ourselves, but living authentically comes when we can learn to slow down and listen to our inner selves. THIRD THING: Does being a good mother mean making yourself a martyr? Glennon shares how she is combating this ‘mom-memo’ and learning that her daughters will only live as fully, as you give yourself permission to live. FOURTH THING: Time for a little gratitude! Glennon shares 4 things that she is grateful for in her life. Glennon also answers a listener’s question about regret.

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